30 October 2009

Halloween Pt. 2

And here's the new Halloween mix. I don't have anything more to say about the subject, though, so here are also some (faux?) old Halloween cards I found on the Internet. It seems that women are the primary ambassadors of Halloween greetings here. Or, to be more precise, women, pumpkins and black cats. There's probably something interesting to say about that, but I don't know what right now. In the meantime, enjoy the music and Happy Halloween!

Halloween '09

1. The Specials -- Ghost Town
2. Otis Redding -- Trick Or Treat
3. The Cadillacs -- Frankenstein
4. Knife in the Water -- Sunset Motel
5. Ken Nordine -- Fliberty Jib
6. Ken Nordine -- Strollin' Spooks
7. Vampires' Sound Incorporation -- The Lions and the Cucumber
8. Flamin' Groovies -- Teenage Head
9. R. Dean Taylor -- There's A Ghost In My House
10. Frankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra -- Shivery Stomp
11. New Orleans Owls -- White Ghost Shivers
12. Gene Krupa and His Orchestra -- Dracula
13. Vic Mizzy -- Main Title (from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken)
14. Zeke Manners & His Swing Billies -- Mr. Ghost Goes to Town
15. Wayne Raney -- Jole Blon's Ghost
16. Happy Wilson -- Haunted House Blues
17. Bob McFadden -- The Mummy
18. John Zacherle -- Ring-a-ding Orangoutang
19. Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages -- 'Til the Following Night
20. Meic Stevens -- Ghost Town

29 October 2009

Halloween Pt. 1

What? You thought Luck Mon-gol was a dead blog? In fact, it is a living dead blog. I'm taking a moment away from more pressing duties to resurrect it for Halloween. I'd hate to pass up the opportunity to post a few things related to our most gruesome holiday. The most gruesome, that is, unless you consider Easter's single resurrection grislier than Halloween's many.

To be honest, I've always preferred spring to fall. However, living in a place that turns into a paint-by-number canvas during the autumn months, with nothing but six months of gray winter to come, fall begins to look special. Plus, my dear friend CMS celebrates her birthday on Halloween, which has encouraged me to see it as somehow more spectacular than Jesus's ascension into heaven. Certainly it is more social. In fact, I've come to think of Halloween as the cruising holiday--the year's only occasion to go knocking indiscriminately on neighbors' doors with no other goal than receiving a tasty treat to plug a hungry hole. Spring may be about breeding and regeneration, but fall is all about terrifying libidinal activity, gluttony and death.

So, I've begun to see the pleasures of autumn and especially of Halloween. Last year I documented my new-found appreciation with a Halloween mix that I took to a Halloween party, where I ate Halloween candy and enjoyed Halloween excesses (i.e. beers, farts, lollipops). I'll share the first of those various pleasures here. A Halloween '09 Mix will follow shortly. And, if I get time away from those more pressing duties, perhaps I'll share some other Halloween treats. Until then, enjoy this first installment of the online celebration--my very first holiday themed musical mix.

Halloween '08

1. Soupy Sales -- My Baby's Got a Crush On Frankenstein
2. Alfred Hitchcock Presents -- Music to Be Murdered By
3. Captain Zorro -- Phantasm
4. Ralph Dorper -- Eraserhead
5. Live Skull -- Corpse
6. Zane Bros -- Dracula
7. Homer & Jethro -- Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off of Me
8. Patsy Montana -- Yodelling Ghost
9. Hasil Adkins -- Haunted House
10. Monica Kirby -- Scary Movies
11. John Zacherle -- Coolest Little Monster
12. Harry Belafonte -- Zombie Jamboree
13. Duke Ellington -- Haunted Nights
14. Jelly Roll Morton -- Boogaboo
15. Louis Armstrong -- The Skeleton In the Closet
16. Ultra Chicks (feat. Nicole Paquin) -- Mon Mari, C'este Frankenstein
17. Bela LaGoldstein -- Old Boris
18. Bo Diddley -- Bo Meets the Monster
19. King Horror -- Loch Ness Monster
20. Sonic Youth -- Scream (live, '83)