21 December 2010

Holiday Medley

My oh my, where has the year gotten us? Well, let me just say that I'm in Seattle, happy to be taking a break from snowy Buffalo and spending time with family. My folks are big fans of holiday music. They keep it on as much as they can throughout the season, but they're still listening to the same CDs they bought in 1994. My mother just bought Annie Lennox's new Christmas album, actually, but her celebration of the "universal child" is hardly the sort of transcendent listening experience I've been itching for.

So, motivated by monotony and a friend's request, I pulled out a Christmas mix I made a few years ago. I'm a little embarrassed by it now, frankly. I took about half the tracks from The Hound's back files. A bunch more came from Joan Selects. And the rest I compiled from my other favorite blogs (see side panel for details). Oh well. It's a mixed bag you won't find elsewhere. And despite the low-quality MP3s, it beats choking down Kenny G's holiday recordings again.

If you're looking for more holiday (audio) cheer, check out the X-mas Dump. They're sharing some quality material.

1. Santa Claus is Coming to Town -- Bob Purse's Family Tapes
2. Child's Christmas in Wales -- John Cale
3. Christmas in Viet Nam -- Pvt. Charles Bowen
4. Christmas in Viet Nam -- Johnny & Jon
5. Miserable Christmas -- Charles Brown
6. Santa Claus Go Strait to the Ghetto -- James Brown
7. 4-Star Fall Christmas 1960 I -- Crosby Brothers
8. Frosty's Beach Party -- Barbary Coasters
9. Don't Believe in Christmas -- The Sonics
10. Beatnik's Wish -- Patsy Raye & the Beatniks
11. Mambo, Santa, Mambo -- The Enchanters
12. Christmas in the Congo -- Marquees
13. Bebop Santa -- Babs Gonzalez
14. 4-Star Fall Christmas 1960 II -- Crosby Brothers
15. Santa's Comin' in a Big Ol' Truck -- Red Simpson
16. Santa to the Moon -- Sonny Cole
17. Is Santa Claus a Hippy? -- Linda Cassady
18. Daddy's Drinking Up Our Christmas -- Commander Cody
19. Santa Came Home Drunk -- Clyde Lasley & the Cadillac Baby Specials
20. 4-Star Fall Christmas 1960 III -- Crosby Brothers
21. Trim Your Tree -- Jimmy Butler
22. Happy Holiday -- The Shells
23. (It's Gonna Be A) Lonely Christmas -- The Orioles
24. I Wrote to Santa Claus -- Huey "Piano" Smith
25. 4-Star Fall Christmas 1960 IV -- Crosby Brothers
26. Auld Lang Syne -- Wooden Shjips
27. Snow Is Falling All The Time -- Yoko Ono