14 July 2011

2 Songs

I usually lament the way digital formats have changed my experience of listening to music. With almost 23,000 items in my iTunes library, I hardly know what's there. Most of the songs are decontextualized by being separated from their physical form and, in many cases, from the other songs they would appear with in a physical format. However, every once in a while, the reorganization allows for unexpected juxtapositions that I find remarkable. Hence, this brief remark.

Try them out in this order:

1. Bill Dixon - Places and Things
2. Big Maybelle Smith - Goodnight Wherever you Are

Thanks to the folks who shared those tracks in digital format, especially the folks at Inconstant Sol who do their best to share the whole package. Despite the somewhat decontextualized experience of music, digital formats have certainly allowed me to hear more of it. Can't lament that!