15 September 2012

Self-indulgent post of things I've eaten this summer.

Bought a CSA this year for the first time. The veggies started coming in while Leah and I were in Ireland, so our friend Steven (who we're splitting it with) had to eat them by himself for a couple weeks. Here's the first one we got upon our return:

The CSA has given us many beets, and this is a series of salads I made with them:

Part of the deal with Promise Land CSAs is a few "u-pick" days. We missed the blueberry "u-pick," but made up for it by collecting about 55lbs. of tomatoes:

Leah dried some:

And she grew some of her own. These veggies came from our back patio garden:

Garden pizza:

Leah also perfected her favorite Thai dish this summer. Here we have lamb larb (laab?):

I made a New Year's resolution to get comfortable with pie crust. This ugly little thing was my attempt at peach pie. The kitchen was about 90°, the dough got too warm and I got very perturbed:

It may not look any prettier, but this tomato pie turned out much better:

With a side of sauteed yellow squash:

 The grilling went better than the baking:

I did a butterflied turkey for July 4th:

Grilled with a chile rub and mesquite chips:

I used those wood chips for ribs, too, and was very pleased with myself the results. I got a smoke ring! 

Leah used the rib tips to make another thai dish, sour pork. It required four days of fermenting:

In August I paid a visit to Chicago and got Mexican food in Logan Square. Thanks to LNB and CMS for a fun time! Can't get chiles y zanahorias en escabeche in Buffalo.