27 June 2009

Deviled Egg Sandwich

It's a world premiere, y'all. I don't think I've ever seen the sandwich and the deviled egg combined, but here were did it. If you know of other attempts, please, let me know.

G-D and I put together some available produce (tomatoes, cucumber, salad greens) with Muenster cheese and hard-boiled egg whites. We piled everything atop toasted day-old sourdough bread. Then we used the yolks to make a deviled egg spread and, voilĂ , we had very fulfilling deviled egg sandwiches. It was a bit messy, but quite tasty. I think next time we might try to melt the cheese to hold everything together.

If we can figure out how to make it a little less messy, perhaps we can add it to the Scanwiches project, which is a great collection of images. I'd love to contribute.

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