31 July 2009

Children's Book Edition

I’ve been searching for my wings some time now. I’m going to be born into the sky soon, because I’m a bird girl and bird girls go to heaven. There’s a rainbow in the sky all the time, don’t be blind.

But God did not intend me to fly, so I went to dance in an old grain silo. I hopped and bounced and moved to the beats of one hundred stupendous, ringing drums. My silo dreams echoed with laughs in the dark night. Everything else was only a beginning, I exclaimed, “The first fruits of the new age!”

But the next day my old life was calling. “I got to go to town; I need wheels, daddio.” "Nothin' doin'. You're father's hip and knows what cooks." So I went to the bus stop and that's where Jesus found me. Untoward Christian soldiers blew whistles and passed out pamphlets: "You too have fallen east of eden."

El Shaddai did not have the wings I’d wanted, but I learned that hell is a pot of hot oil.

And heaven a warm plate of bird leg adobo, cast out of the pot and into my stomach.

I did the cookin', pops did the cleanin'.

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