21 September 2009

Swiss Chard

After our unhealthy snack at Crystal Beach, Al decided I should eat something leafy and green. So, she paid a visit to a local farm and brought back enough Swiss Chard to feed a family of eighteen. Along with collards and kale, it's one of my favorite greens and makes a great end of the summer treat. Apparently Aristotle praised it as a source of stamina and physical dynamism. I can't find a direct quote, but you can bet your boot that it packs a pretty percentage of Vitamin A, C, and K. Not to mention the healthful fibers, which will help you form large, soft stools! According to The World's Healthiest Foods, it "truly is one of the vegetable valedictorians with its exceptionally impressive list of health promoting nutrients."

So, the World's Healthiest Foods website doesn't recommend cooking Swiss Chard with bacon, but that's how I do it. Below is a photo of George, the website's founder, who, as you can see, could use a little pig fat to bring him back to life.

In any case, I started with half a pound of bacon chopped into the bite-size squares you see above. After it began sizzling, I tossed in some garlic, black pepper, a dash of vinegar and let that cook for another five to ten minutes. Then I put the chard in the pot, sprinkled it with water, added just a pinch of salt and covered the whole thing. I let it cook that way for about ten more minutes, stirring occasionally. Taking a tip from my mother, I'd planned to add a little brown sugar. Unfortunately, I realized too late that I was out. Instead I used a bit of honey and that seemed to deepen the flavors well enough.

That's all it takes! And in addition to the health benefits and excellent taste, the pot liquor from Swiss Chard is a lovely pink due to the colorful stems.


  1. I got a whole mess of Swiss Chard myself, and you can bet yur boots I'm gonna make it, dee es-style, tomorrow.

    Or maybe I'll scramble some egg in and call it breakfast.

  2. Oh, scrambled eggs, bacon and chard sounds good! It's a whole meal in one pot.