14 September 2010

North Carolina New Wave II

Just down the mountain from Asheville, a different new wave scene gripped the piedmont area for which Piedmont Charisma was named. I think both Cold Sides and The Nein were from the triangle, but I first saw them play at some pizza place in Greensboro (with Piedmont Charisma). Saw both bands at other times, but I can't remember where. Anyway, I helped carry an amp out after the show and Robert Biggers, who played with both, gave me the two EPs I'm sharing here.

I didn't know these boys, so I can't say much about their interests or aspirations. The bands sound pretty similar, but The Nein had a better knack for song-writing. It figures, I guess, that they're still together, playing now with Piedmont Charisma's former drummer Josh Carpenter. Cold Sides is long gone from what I can tell by internet searching.

I'm calling them new wave (just to have a follow up post?), but they don't sound like the synth-heavy, glam-influenced pop music a strict definition of that genre would denote. They take their influences more heavily from Gang of Four and post punk sounds. Or anyway, that's my best guess. I remember being impressed by their playing when I saw them live, but now my favorite thing about both EPs is that they're handmade. The Nein put a lot of love into hand-pressing those little cases!

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